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Sheikh Nahayan Bin Moubarak Al Nahayan

Tolerance is a value and practice that is firmly rooted in our Islamic faith, our Arab values and our Emirati heritage. With tolerance, we have lived and coexisted with civilizations, cultures, beliefs and ideas throughout the lifespan of the Arab Muslim countries for more than fourteen centuries. Through tolerance, our UAE community lives with cultural diversity and pluralism with more than 220 nationalities, cultures and languages that integrate and communicate in our country and our national territory.

We have derived the principles of tolerance from the first natural disposition and innateness on which we were created. The fact of life depends on solidarity and integration including rights and duties. It assumes our unity as human beings in facing the requirements of life and the necessities of survival, not as individuals, groups or communities, but as a united humanity.

Our ancient cultural history has taught us that our true scientific and cognitive rise did not begin until we decided, through translation, to communicate with other ideas, and benefit from sciences of others and openness to their knowledge to understand and assimilate them. This is to promote our lives, our conditions of living, our thinking patterns and the interpretation of our behaviors. We tried hard to crystallize this knowledge in line with the nature of our existence and our lives in the Arab region. In addition, we strived to recognize the existence of the other partner in humanity, and acknowledge his civilizational role and favor upon the subsequent countries, nations and peoples, as it is the transmitter of thought and guardian of knowledge and the heir to its predecessors.

In addition, we inherited the wise visionary thought of the Founding Ancestors and our late leader father Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, to instill the values of tolerance, and openness to the other, in addition to urge us to recognize the world cultures and the knowledge of its people. Moreover, it urges us to respect others, their beliefs, values, customs and traditions, and to build bridges of mutual dialogue and to appreciate their culture, privacy and identity.

We are guided by the teachings of our tolerant religion, the values of our knowledge heritage and our Arab-Emirati culture. Furthermore, we are inspired by the values of our Founding Ancestors upon which the UAE has been established since its foundation on the 2nd of December 1971. We carry the mission of tolerance and love to the entire humanity, regardless of religion, color, race, nationality or doctrine.

This is our commitment to Allah, and then to our wise leadership, who spared no efforts to establish the UAE's status as a global hub for convergence and a beacon of tolerance. UAE is the living example of coexistence and multiculturalism, is not it? The UAE is the best model for translating values of tolerance into reality in the heart of humanity, which is thirsty for these values and significantly needs to bridge the gap created by extremist thinking among humans. This is because extremist thinking is seeking to disperse them by incitement, closure and dissemination of hatred and antipathies.


“This is our commitment to Allah, then to our wise leadership to harness all our efforts and potentials in order to strengthen the UAE's status as a global hub for convergence and a beacon of tolerance.”

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