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Global Tolerance Alliance


The alliance is a global platform for people to know one another, encouraging dialogue and awareness through the exchange of experiences and joint initiatives and projects from around the world, and affirming values of tolerance and human fraternity. The objective is to achieve peace, justice, and develop innovative solutions which promote the preservation of human dignity.

  • Includes individuals, community centers, institutions, and representatives of interfaith sects who collectively have an interest in promoting diversity and understanding worldwide through annual programs and initiatives which are organized all across the globe.

  • This unique platform aims to attract intellectual convergence and encourage a framework for joint action by promoting understanding and the acquisition and exchange of knowledge, by scientific, educational, research, and cultural entities as a means for people of various backgrounds to know and to learn from one another.

  • As a global platform for shared knowledge, the alliance aims to introduce the UAE model of tolerance and human fraternity to the rest of the world, and to highlight other successful models in harmonious coexistence from across the globe, providing opportunities to share experiences and showcase the best practices that produce positive and productive communities.

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