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Strategic Plan

In line with the UAE's vision of 2021, the Ministry of Tolerance aims to develop a road map towards mechanisms of introducing tolerance as a national value emerging from the UAE to the whole world, through a strategic plan, which launches guidelines for future initiatives and work plans. These initiatives and work plans cope up with the various paths of the UAE in International Peacekeeping Efforts, humanitarian assistance, and support of tolerance, openness and coexistence policies. Moreover, the aim will be achieved through a substantial integration among the vision, mission, values and the strategic objectives developed by the Ministry of Tolerance.


The UAE is a unique model in which civilizations meet to strengthen peace and coexistence among all peoples of the world.Home is a Trust … Tolerance is a Mission


Developing the spirit of mutual respect and peaceful coexistence among all citizens of the UAE, in addition to building bridges of understanding, communication and dialogue, besides renouncing violence, discrimination and hatred, encouraging interfaith dialogue and highlighting the true image of Islam through local, regional and global qualitative projects and initiatives.

Our Values

Diversity and Pluralism


Dialogue and Coexistence

Peace and Security

Human Rights

Happiness and Positivity

Convergence and Communication

Good and Giving

Innovation and Initiation

National Affiliation

Strategic Goals

Enhance competitiveness and the UAE's global status as a good example of tolerance and coexistence among peoples to follow

Raise tolerant generation, which is capable of coexisting and building bridges of love and peace

Establish national awareness of tolerance as a noble human virtue and a high ethical value

Introduce tolerance as a concept that represents the lifestyle of ambitious youth of UAE, who are capable of shaping the future

Ensure the provision of all administrative services in accordance with quality, efficiency and transparency standards

Introduce the innovation culture to the institutional work environment

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