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Global Tolerance Alliance

Welcome to the page of suggestions and recommendations about the idea of the project of the Global Alliance for Tolerance - on this page you can learn more about the idea of the project through the introductory materials that can be downloaded, and share your opinions and suggestions by discussing the questions contained in the attached questionnaire.

In the promoting, fostering, and inclusion of values of tolerance and coexistence in our daily lives, communities all across the globe become a natural catalyst in sustaining fundamental human values.  In return, these efforts inspire and encourage positive behavior in individuals and institutions. As dedicated global citizens, humanity has the imperative and continuous responsibility of integrating noble values of coexistence in all facets of life.  

 As part of its mission, the Ministry of Tolerance and Coexistence in the United Arab Emirates has envisioned an opportunity and drawn up plans to establish and launch the ‘Global Tolerance Alliance’. 

This unique initiative aims to provide like-minded nations an opportunity to join together in establishing a common platform of collaboration, networking, and benefit from the numerous opportunities, to learn, discover, and appreciate the relationships, which promote and foster tolerance and peaceful coexistence, between themselves and their world.  



  • The Carter Center
  • UN Women UAE Liaison Office
  • COREIS (Islamic Religious Community of Italy)
  • ISESCO Council for Education and Culture in the West
  • International Esports Federation
  • International Committee of the Red Cross


  • Cultural Social Family Affairs
  • Organization of Islamic Cooperation
  • Al-Azhar University
  • The Inclusion, Rights, and Dialogue Section at UNESCO
  • Ecumenical and Social Services (BLESS)
  • Coptic Orthodox Church
  • World Evangelical Alliance
  • Oral Roberts University


  • The Dicastery for Interreligious Dialogue
  • World Council of Churches
  • Higher Committee of Human Fraternity
  • FIDE Management Board
  • United Nations Under-Secretary-General
  • The Secretary-General on the Prevention of Genocide
  • Minister Plenipotentiary
  • The Department of Culture and Dialogue of Civilizations League of Arab States
  • The Coexist Campaign


  • Religious Leader BAPS Hindu Mandir, Abu Dhabi
  • The World Organization for Al-Azhar Graduates
  • Guru Nanak Darbar Sikh Temple, Dubai

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