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The goals of UAE Vision 2021 and the UAE Plan 2071 promote the culture and values of tolerance and the impact of the soft power of the UAE and support its international standing in excellence and competitiveness across various development paths.

The United Arab Emirates leads the global scene with national initiatives, visions and programs that contribute to spreading the culture of coexistence and peace, establishing bridges of international cooperation, communication, meeting and dialogue, and building a system of ethical values for generations to come in the footsteps of the late Sheikh Zayed.

National Festival of Tolerance

It is an annual festival organized by the Ministry of Tolerance in cooperation with a large number of federal, local and private bodies, with active participation with the executive councils in all emirates of the country. It includes a week of activities and community, technical and cognitive activities. It aims to raise awareness about the importance of tolerance, peaceful coexistence and acceptance of the other, and to celebrate the power of the state such as Peace, acquaintance and harmony. The State focuses on five types of events: Major public events in all emirates, Umm Al Emirate Park events , as well as forums and workshops, Innovation initiatives in tolerance, and joint initiatives with participating parties. The most prominent of its activities:

The activities of the garden of the United Arab Emirates

Variety morning and afternoon activities over a week during the period of the national festival for tolerance since the park offers theatrical shows , student activities and children toys In a symphony expresses the meaning of tolerance. The local community and its various layers and institutions also participate. These events reflect the integration of efforts of all the federal and local authorities, the private sector and communities.

The cricket cup for tolerance

It is a sport championship which was launched by the Ministry of tolerance in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Sports Council in 2018. It aims to convey a message of tolerance and coexistence to everyone, especially to the categories of workers, and transfer them to a message indicating that they are of concern to all state institutions care , and to send a clear message to the world that the United Arab Emirates is a real model of cooperation and coexistence between all nationalities and communities without distinction on the basis of sex or religion, the first color according to the fair rules and principles and laws for the protection of all categories of society, supported and encouraged to cooperate in the interest of the nation and all resident in its territory.

The expressions of tolerance

Implement a series of events on a bridge of tolerance in Dubai. The United Arab Emirates provide a platform of art and creativity to reflect the pluralism and harmony and contribute to the strengthening of a message of coexistence and integration. It is humanitarian expressions vary from art, music and creativity inspired from the bridge of tolerance to deliver a strong message and comprehensive community tolerance of voice echoed locally, regionally and globally.

Manarat Zayed for tolerance

Zayed’s beacons of tolerance is an initiative aimed to reflect the legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed and mother of the UAE HH Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak in each emirate through the inauguration of the Zayed beacons of tolerance in the vital places of the seven emirates.

Zayed’s beacons of tolerance that provide the public museums with exhibits from the legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed in tolerance as an expression of the great pride and PRIDING that the founder of the state of the late father sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan was a man of tolerance, coexistence and peace and that he left us a viable state has become a symbol of coexistence and tolerance, goodness and prosperity and mutual respect between all the embodiment of لافتخارنا Emirates Bam Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak saved God chosen by the United Nations, a pioneer of positive change in the world on the basis of pride represent or the United Arab Emirates from good example and giving a sincere and growing in all areas of community development and human rights.

Zayed’s beacons of tolerance organizes a series of events and recreational activities and educational and social to suit all walks of society which reflect the features of the values of tolerance and the founding father in the various areas of humanitarian work aimed at families, children, youth, senior citizens and all categories of the population, the main role in the development of the values of compassion, dialog and networking among them, in a good atmosphere and the warmth of live and harmony on UAE territory.

National Initiative "The government is an incubator for tolerance"

It is an initiative addressed to specialized workers in the ministries, departments and institutions with a view to increasing awareness of and disseminating a culture of tolerance in their daily practices, mechanisms, through their involvement in a series of events and activities that fit in with the nature of the work of rich and fun and interest and do not require the addition of functional burdens, but also contribute to the development of the system of functional life skills. The program also helps in that respect for institutions and pluralism and coexistence characterized estimated innovation occasioned by the diversity. The work will be done in this initiative at the four major levels: the level of the employee, then the level of the ministry, then the level of tolerance in the area of work of the ministry in the community, and then in the level of coordination and joint action among all the ministries of the Government of the United Arab Emirates in order to be an example and a model in the dissemination of the values of tolerance and coexistence, before the whole world.

Tolerance in young people's lifestyle

It is the consolidation of the values of tolerance, coexistence and peace in the lifestyle of young people to enable them to contribute to the making of a bright future, the prevention of intolerance and extremism. The main activities of the Initiative:

The Knights of tolerance

It Is a program which focuses on the empowerment and rehabilitation of a new generation of young people to be positive energy to contribute to the dissemination of the values of tolerance and coexistence on the "Approach Zayed" through the study of his actions and attitudes that promoted tolerance and salami of وصارة inspiring all the leaders of the world, for publication in local communities and throughout the State. The program also focuses on the celebration of a march or the United Arab Emirates through "the pioneers of tolerance", which studies the participants, words and actions and attitudes or the United Arab Emirates Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak as a model of inspiration for all women in all fields, especially the tolerance.

The program has main pillars is the dissemination of the values of tolerance and coexistence of individuals, families and communities, to promote the values of tolerance and the responsibility of all, motivating young people to achieve prosperity in the community awareness of the dangers of extremism and support their ability to confront.

Tolerance in State Schools "Innovative Emirati Initiative”

It is a joint project with the Ministry of Education, in which brotherhood between public schools and private schools is achieved. The two sides work together to implement joint tolerance initiatives at the level of students, teachers, administrators and parents. , And work together, through practical activities, serving society and human beings. Activities in this area focus on joint celebrations of important national events, organization of joint clubs on the two sides (clubs for tolerance in schools), organization of sports competitions, volunteer programs to support charities in the surrounding environment and innovative use of modern technologies in the fields of acquaintance, On all appropriate methods, ways and projects, to activate fruitful cultural exchange between the two sides.

Utilization of technology to spread tolerance values

Cooperation with the international company apple in the implementation of a range of specialized programs and courses to recruit smart technology and applications to address the challenges and opportunities relating to issues of tolerance.

Family and nurturing a tolerant generation

It is a joint national initiative aimed at consolidating the role of the family and the socialization of a tolerant generation capable of co-existence and building bridges of love and peace through the use of digital transformation and the development of various interactive sports, knowledge and artistic programs and other media strategies to deliver the message of tolerance to the largest segment within the UAE and beyond. Highlights of the Initiative:

The conference on "The role of the family in the promotion of the values of tolerance,“

This conference is being held under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Al Nahyan, President of the General Women's Union, Supreme President of the Family Development Foundation, President of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, Um Al Emarat. The conference is organized by the Ministry of Tolerance in cooperation with its strategic partners. The family and community development centers and their role in promoting the values of tolerance, building strategic partnerships and unifying the efforts of those interested in family issues from various institutions and agencies in the local and federal government sector.

Tolerance and the owners of determination

Empowerment and integration the owners of determination of different nationalities and ethnicities in various activities and events that will promote the values of tolerance and celebration of human diversity in the various sports, social, cultural and scientific fields.

Enriching knowledge and cultural content in tolerance

The provision of cultural and knowledge content rich in concepts, principles and information that promote the values of tolerance and coexistence, respect for cultural pluralism and acceptance of the other, and the rejection of violence, extremism, hatred, nepotism, discrimination and racism on the other through various media platforms, radio, television, digital and social networking sites. Highlights of the Initiative:

Cognitive content of tolerance

Enriching the community with documents and policies that promote the knowledge content of tolerance and its rooting as a noble humanitarian and moral value that achieves human communication and civilizational interaction among the different nationalities and cultures that form the diverse society.

Tolerance in the media

Directing the media and highlighting its role in promoting positive messages about tolerance and respect for diversity, using the impact of social media on communities to counter hate speech and promoting tolerance with successful initiatives in spreading a culture of tolerance.

Symphony of Love

A great orchestral presentation to highlight the talents of the UAE and to consolidate the message that working together in harmony can remove all barriers to tolerance to create an international performance, with one voice announcing the message of acceptance and respect for the other.

Water and desert

An innovative work that draws attention and draws attention. This work is specially designed to celebrate the year of Zayed and the use of the power of modern opera is used to motivate members of the community to communicate and work together and together.

Contribute to international efforts for tolerance

Enhancing the UAE's competitiveness and prestige globally as an example of tolerance and co-existence among peoples, and investing tolerance in promoting communication with peoples and devoting paths of human rapprochement. Highlights of the Initiative:

International Efforts on Tolerance Forum

An annual forum to discuss the outlines of an international strategy to promote tolerance worldwide, discuss various tolerance issues, raise awareness and promote the concepts of peaceful coexistence and international cooperation, renounce violence, extremism, hatred, intolerance and discrimination and provide innovative and creative solutions to raise awareness about tolerance among the world's youth.

Community Forum "High goal and meet the interests of all«

An annual forum that seeks to involve all residents of the country and listen to the best ideas, suggestions and initiatives from the leaders of more than 200 communities living in the UAE who believe in the importance of promoting and enriching tolerance. The Forum sessions offer many innovative ideas and proposals to promote the values of tolerance in all social, economic, religious and educational fields.

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